“Dialogue” is our most recent CD and is a follow-up to last year’s CD, “Jazz Dance”. We considered the strongest elements of our first CD and built from there. With “Dialogue”, we were able to be more focused on the whole project, from composing/arranging to recording/performing. The result is a very cohesive collection of songs. The tracks represent our most challenging compositions to date. Our individual approaches to playing and improvising have evolved toward a single goal.

People are talking.....

    “Compliments on the new CD. The opening cut is pure magic....  Beautiful tone, stellar playing and rhythmically hip.  Right on. CD as a whole is very cool.” - G.M. (fan)

    “I really enjoyed it. Kudos to you and Stu. I think your sound, playing and writing have evolved even more. I like the melodies and guitar interplay and there's a moodiness which adds depth. You guys are excellent together!” - Mark Nomad

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